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Welcome to the Online Test (OT) interface on Global Standard Tests.

This makeup test is open to all candidates that participated in Stage 1 of SUSDEVI recruitment exercise (Creation of Application Profile and/or Submission of Application).
Candidates who had written the first test can also take this test for precaution.

Before you proceed to the instructions, kindly find time to read the following articles and updates from SUSDEVI.

1. Post announcing the makeup test 

2. How to know the date for your makeup test and other important information

3. Answers to some important questions and more about the makeup test

4. Preparation material: article on Escrow Payment Services and the Sustainable Development Goals

5. Preparation material: article on Guoji Dui’s Chinese Language Program and the Sustainable Development Goals



1. You will be presented with about 30 statements (questions ) that you need to validate by selecting the appropriate response from multi choice answers like True, Valid, False, Invalid, or Not applicable. The appropriate response is contained in the Hint.

2. To answer each question;

– click on the Hint to load up a social media page (this could be Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Nairaland, Vanguard, etc.), then click on the image/web link provided (to open the hint location).

– Scroll past the articles down to the bottom of the page and click on the see hint to view the hint.

– close the page, return to the question and select the answer option that matches with the hint.

It is very important that you check the hint first before answering any question. DO NOT submit the test if you notice that most of the hints were not available and you are sure that the problem is not from your internet network, browser or device. Report the issue and wait for sometime for it to be resolved (see Instruction number 14).

3. Maximum time allowed for this test is 50 minutes. That is more than 1 minute per question to allow you to read the questions properly and load the Hints even in slower networks.

4. This makeup test has a maximum number of 3 trials; the highest score obtained in any of the trials will be recorded for each candidate.

5. When you submit the test and it takes too long to load and show up the results, you can do any of the following;
– reload the page;
– wait for sometime (like 30 minutes) and try again;
– change the device, browser and/or internet service provider that you are using.

6. You have successfully taken the test the moment you see the result page. Nothing else should bother you after this. You can screenshot your result should you need it for reference purposes.
If you try taking the test but do not see the results page, then your test has not been successful. So you can reload the page and retry.

7. In case you experience any network related problem like endless loading or error in database connection (and others) before submitting the test and seeing your result, you can hold on for a moment and try again later.
Sometimes, retrying the test with another device or browser can help a lot.

8. It is in your best interest not to disclose the questions or share your experience with anyone, at least until after everyone must have taken theirs.

9. Ensure that your internet connection is stable and reliable before proceeding with the tests.

10. Your friends can use your device to take the test after you have done so, as long as they type in their email address and full name correctly at the beginning of the test.

11. You can use a mobile phone to take the test, but only if it is of good quality and has enough RAM.
Ensure you close all other apps running on the phone as well as other tabs on the browser that you are using so that the test can run smoothly.
Avoid loading up the test through Facebook Messenger App. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers should be good.

12 The feature for sending results to emails has been turned off. So you will likely not receive your result in your email.

13. Be informed that you risk disqualification if you take this test on the wrong day set for you to do so (See SCHEDULE).

14. You can report any technical problem with the Hints here



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